Addressing the Challenges Authors & Content Creators Face

The rise of web 2.0 and social media gave content creators a place to share their ideas with the world, but in the process, ended up giving lot of their value away to the platforms who hosted their content. But where Web 2.0 was lacking in the creator control and their content could be better rewarded and disseminated to their fans, Web 3.0 and the “internet of value” is making up for it in a big way. Here are a few of the current challenges of Web 2.0 that PowerFan is solving using the blockchain.

Authors and content creators need a simple and straight-forward means to create their books into exclusive NFTs to offer their readers and fans

At the time of this writing, there is no real platform that is the go-to accepted standard for creating NFTs for content creators and authors alike. There is no equivalent Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Ebay or Patreon where fans can go to enjoy the content of their favorite stars, creators or influencers with the incentive to use crypto-based tokens to purchase their NFTs or enjoy the added benefit of exclusive offers and packages.

Authors need a transparent means to keep track of royalties owed to them for copies sold, and need an accurate demographic profile of those who purchase their books

With the transparent nature of the blockchain, PowerFan can help creators program all their royalty agreements with whoever they desire, directly into your NFT smart contracts for you, and since the blocks of content consumed can be directly tied to the wallets of the people who are consuming your content, PowerFan can give creators a more concrete demographic profile of who is actually consuming content to help creators better target and market their audiences to scale up their fan base.

Retail online book sales give away 30–70% of the margin to distributors and retailers or ebook marketplaces

Powerfan generates income on a 2.5% industry standard of NFTs changing hands, token staking, and on a tier-based subscription service, offering a whole library of content, for just for the small cost of a book per month, returning value back to the creators, and no longer leaving huge portions of margin on the table for middlemen to take for themselves.

Fans of their favorite authors are not empowered and rewarded for supporting their favorite authors when sharing their content.

PowerFan changes that with a leaderboard and reward system. Those who consume the most content of a particular author or creator can reap rewards through the blockchain through deals with creators like time-shared royalties of content and more.

At we make it really simple and easy for content creators of all kinds to access the blockchain and make NFTs for exclusive content