[Live Now] Master Your Mindset with Lauren Kess and PowerFan NFTs

PowerFan’s Jesse Krieger recently interviewed renown business coach Lauren Kesseler about her new e-course series on Mindset Mastery as an NFT series.

This course is for you if:

  • you want to learn how to run mindset calls for clients without paying an outside coach, this course is perfect. I’ll show you how you can run mindset calls with clients with personalized guidance while you learn.
  • you want to help clients build successful habits and have massive mindset shifts for transformation.
  • you have an in-house coach you would like to train for mindset work and habit formation.

In these course you will learn how to:

  • get a clear understanding of using habits for mindset change
  • clear techniques to use for mindset call- become the epiphany king/ queen
  • understand how to run mindset calls successfully by getting people to open up but without getting sucked in people’s stories
  • learn how to use habits and accountability for mindset shifts for the resistant clients

The current launch contains the following NFT offers:

  • 25 x $500 Silver NFT offer containing her Mindset Mastery Course (click here to read more)
  • 5 x $2,500 Gold NFT offer containng the Mindset Mastery course + access to a Whatsapp Group with Lauren and the other members to help encourage and keep each other accountable (click here to read more)
  • 1 Special Auction Item: Naga Basukih Course Bundle (starting bid at 1 Ethereum) that contains access to the Mindset Mastery + Bonus Course on Running Challenges and Accountability Groups for Course Creators (click here to read more)

Inspiration behind the Naga Basukih:

I was standing on the stairs of Besakih Temple with the people. We were all dressed in our best ceremonial clothes with special offerings in one hand.

We lined the stairs on each side, looking up at the massive gate above us, waiting.

The energy started to come first. An electric tingle was felt through the air, powerful with a prickling magnetic wave that pulsed through the body. A mix of fear and wanting to scream and awe knowing it was something special, like a child who jumps out and scares you in the night. I felt scared and hopeful all at the same time. I pressed my hands down my skirt and gripped my offering basket tighter in anticipation.

I saw a massive shadow above me in my peripheral vision. I twisted my neck to look up and saw Naga Basukih’s massive head. As he tossed, his ornamented feathers resembling the tails of a kite, sailed around his head. They floated and waved around him like the mane of a massive lion. His jaw became almost transparent. He opened his massive mouth in a way that struck fear like any massive thing that could eat you, but suddenly as I looked in his throat anticipating to see the darkness within, I could instead see the full moon big and bright. It was as if his jaw was a gateway to the universe. I couldn’t understand it and kept watching him in awe.

His gigantic, snake-like body was slow moving as he steadily moved himself forward. His head tossed to and fro with the portal to the sky and stars, the entrance into the full moon, was visible through his jaw.

Every person lining the temple steps had their breath held as Naga made his way down the stairs. Hands came up in prayer mode in hopes he would look directly at them and bless them. I was frozen, holding my offering basket suddenly unsure of what I wanted.

My breath stolen from me, feeling fear and intrigue, I watched as the spirit of the heart of Bali, the resident of Mount Agung, the massive incarnation of something I didn’t know how to understand, passed by and taught me that some mystical creatures were once real.

You have the power now,

-The PowerFan Team



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