Part 5 & 6: NFTs for Events, Ticket Sales & Unlockable Content

From Tom Morkes interview with Jesse Krieger, the Chief Content Officer of and founder of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press.

Tom Morkes: Any other examples of things that, or ways that people are packaging or selling NFTs right now? Anything for content creators? Authors? People with online businesses to start thinking about?

Jesse Krieger: I’ll tell you what, we’re really looking at events.

Now that events are coming back online, there’s definitely an appetite right now for getting together in person. So you could sell tickets to an event as an NFT. On a larger scale, it prevents all kinds of scalpers and bots from controlling the ticket supply. But from a tech perspective, you could buy a ticket to an event attended physically or virtually. But [even] after the event, your NFT [could give] you access to all of the recordings and all of the content of the event, [and] perhaps some bonuses too.

[And] if the event goes crazy good. And maybe [someone like a] Tony Robbins is a surprise guest speaker, that’s an example of intrinsic value of each of those NFT tickets increasing.

If it’s [just] a ticket, [and] you show up and in this example, Tony Robbins is there and you can’t believe it, and it’s an intimate gathering and you can’t believe you had that experience [either], but then you’d go home. Tell your friends post on social. If you had an NFT ticket and then that happened.

[If] somebody who wasn’t at the event is like, “Oh my God, I got to know what happened.” Well, you’ve got to buy the NFT from somebody who was there.

Tom Morkes: If an NFT has been minted, can [you] add more to it?

Jesse Krieger: Interestingly you can. There’s something called “unlockable content” as we’re minting the NFT. And I can show you that. You could put a link in there. And so if you’re directing to a site, you could dynamically update the site and that would be a way [to add or change the content], but you can’t alter the composition of the NFT itself once it’s done.

But where it’s pointing to or what it’s unlocking, you could update that repository.

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