Power Letter #12: DeFi Staking Live + Meme Lord Mastermind NFT Launch

Hello PowerFans!

We’ve got updates for you about our PFAN Token Staking and a new NFT launch…

Staking for PFAN-ETH pair is now live on PowerFan where you can earn up to 100% APY

Click Here to start staking now

Here’s a tutorial below to start staking today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcDq8dy1Qr4

Also for those of you who have tokens listed in you r account, we are currently working on a portal bridge within our staking UI that will allow you to redeem those tokens into your wallet that will allow you to stake them later if you choose to do so. More updates on that coming soon.

Meme Lords NFT Collection is LIVE NOW!:

The Meme Lord, Drewbie Wilson and his e-course NFT to sell leads is now LIVE! Click Here to get your Closer Courses Today!

The Closer Memes NFT Collection is Your Ticket to the Meme Lord Mastermind with Drewbie Wilson (aka The Meme Lord).

Drewbie has used the memes in this collection to close over $5,000,000 in sales as a professional sales executive and sales trainer.

In the Meme Lord Mastermind you will learn the behind-the-scenes strategies and tactics that integrate memes into your sales process.

While the memes on their own are good for a smile, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank with a Closer Meme NFT in your wallet!

Features include:

  • Access to Closer Memes Course ($50 Value)
  • Cash Money Follow-Up Training
  • Closer Memes “Swipe File” with over 1,500 memes that you can swipe and use to close deals all day long ($1,500 Value!)
  • Private Closer Memes Community with Meme Lord Drewbie Wilson

Here is a Video Interview with Drewbie Wilson (aka The Meme Lord) on his NFT Collection:

Powerfan “Share the Power” Contest is LIVE! Already over 7,700 Entries!

There are now 15 Ways to Enter and WIN


Grand Prize: 1 ETH + 25,000 PFAN Tokens PowerFan Genesis NFT (emits 1,000 PFAN Tokens every month for 10 years!)

2nd Place- 0.3 ETH + 10,000 PFAN + PowerFan Genesis NFT

3rd Place — 5,000 PFAN Tokens + PowerFan Genesis NFT

Join NFT Universe to Connect with NFT Creators & Investors

We invite you to join our growing community on Facebook in our NFT Universe Group to grow your crypto network and learn more about NFTs: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nftuniverse

Our “White Glove” NFT Creation & Launch Service

Do you have an audience and would like to begin the the process of selling your courses, content, or books as NFTs? PowerFan can give you the “white glove treatment”, where we help conceive, program and launch your NFT collection.

Click here to sign up and see if our White Glove service is right for you.

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Originally published at https://medium.com on February 4, 2022.



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