PowerFan Basics — Creators & Fans: You Have The Power Now!

Are you an author, content creator, or influencer that’s looking to take advantage of NFTs and blockchain technology? If so, meet PowerFan, where it’s our mission to support content creators and fans to connect and conduct commerce in valuable new ways.

To do this, we use NFTs or non-fungible tokens, which are really digital assets that allow you to give your fans, your audience, your clients, a real sense of equity and ownership in your brand, in your business, with your book, come join us at PowerFan to start creating today, and when you register an account, we’ll give you 100 free PFAN tokens to start your creative journey with us.

And our team is standing by to support you through the entire process of coming up with ideas for NFTs, minting, marketing, and selling them directly to your audience. You can start today. So come join us at PowerFan to start creating and remember, creators and fans, you have the power now.



PowerFan.io DeFi + NFTs for Creators

At powerfan.io we make it really simple and easy for content creators of all kinds to access the blockchain and make NFTs for exclusive content