PowerFan Basics — How Can Authors Benefit From NFTs?

How can authors take advantage of NFTs and blockchain technology? Perhaps you’ve heard of NFTs or non fungible tokens. They’re all the rage in certain art circles and with video games, but they also have applications for content creators and experts like you. And at PowerFan, we work to support authors to create digital assets or NFTs based on your content that specifically serves your audience and your readers.

Perhaps giving them new experiences that they would absolutely love and doing it all in a way where you get paid directly, securely, and your content is protected. One of the ideas that we’ve seen get a lot of traction with authors is having an exclusive edition of your book as an NFT.

So perhaps a limited edition, maybe only 100 copies, but this also unlocks an online training course or perhaps unlocks access to a group coaching program, or maybe even a 1-on-1 call with you. You can bundle all of these things up and make it one offer as an NFT and that itself can be bought and sold amongst your fans generating a revenue that flows straight back to your wallet with each transaction.

These are some of the possibilities that exist for authors with NFT technology and at PowerFan, we are here to support you to create, market and sell your author NFTs. Come create an account at PowerFan, and we’ll give you 100 PFAN tokens to start your creator journey. And our team is even available to help you step-by-step set up your account, create, and market and sell your NFTs. So we’ll see you at PowerFan and remember authors and fans, you have the power now.