PowerFan Basics — How Can Creators Benefit from NFTs?

How can creators benefit from NFT technology? If you have an audience and you create content, NFTs or non-fungible tokens, which operate on the blockchain, are a way to create digital assets that give your fans, your clients, your customers, and your audience, a real sense of equity and ownership in your business and in your brand.

This can take the form of exclusive content that’s only available to people that hold a certain NFT. It could even allow a 1-on-1 consultation or allow access to an event or a group coaching. However you deliver content, however you engage with your clients, can now have applications with NFTs and on the blockchain, that in a sense are really an evolution for how you can be a leader like you already are by taking advantage of new technology and getting ahead of a wave that we believe at PowerFan will end up changing much in creativity, commerce, and possibly even finance and society. So that’s a little bit about how creators can use NFT technology and at PowerFan, we exist to support people just like you. So if you create an account and begin creating, we’ll give you 100 free PFAN tokens, which is the currency that works on the PowerFan platform.

And we’ll even help you walk through step-by-step creating, marketing and selling your own NFTs and digital assets. So come join us at PowerFan to start creating today and remember, creators and fans: you have the power now.



PowerFan.io DeFi + NFTs for Creators

At powerfan.io we make it really simple and easy for content creators of all kinds to access the blockchain and make NFTs for exclusive content