Serious & Cool People Collection Live Now: How to buy NFTs on PowerFan with MATIC tokens on the Polygon Network

Sick of paying $200+ in gas for your favorite collectible NFT? Well PowerFan has found the way. Let’s show you how to buy collections on PowerFan

Simple Steps

1. Set Up MATIC/Polygon Network in your MetaMask

You need to add Polygon to your list of networks on your metamask browser

In expanded view of MetaMask, click the network shown at the top and then a list will appear below. Click “Custom RPC”

Fill out the Custom RPC info like this and click “Save”:

You should now have the Polygon Mainnet up and running in your Metamask. More info can be found here at if you need more help.

2. Get some MATIC tokens

MATIC is the currency used on the Polygon Network. It’s one of the main ways that makes purchasing NFTs with low gas fees possible. You can get MATIC on Coinbase, Gemini, Binance, Uniswap or any exchange you can find.

3. Bridge your MATIC tokens from the Ethereum to Polygon/Matic Network

That can be easily done by heading over to

Then select MATIC from the list of currencies in your Ethereum wallet

Then click “transfer” and sign transaction on your MetaMask wallet. The transaction should take about 10 minutes to complete.

Once that’s done, check your balance on Polygon/Matic Mainnet

4. Head over to PowerFan and check out the NFT you wish to purchase and complete your order

And now you should have all the tools you need to get your Polygon NFTs on PowerFan!

Serious & Cool People NFT collection available now! Click here to collect your favorite Serious & Cool person today!

You have the power now…

-The PowerFan Team


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